NEET Coaching

A crash course of 45 days for 12th appeared/passed students for NEET. We enrolled 25 students in each batch. In this course students will get a quick revision and shortcut techniques for NEET examination. Our Classes generally starts from mid of March & registration starts from 1st of January.
A 12 month course for 11th appearing students for NEET or any other Medical entrance examination The program is targeted towards students who understand the need of an early start to success in school and competitive examination. The program extensively covers both NEET and CBSE preparation; and teachers take great care to initiate the child with basic concepts in Physics, Chemistry and Biology ; thereafter smoothly transiting to a higher and complex level of problem solving; a must have for competing in NEET and examination alike.

A short term classroom course for 12th appeared/passed students extending through duration of 8 Months. Particularly meant for those who want to have a quick but detailed look into the key-concepts, in-depth facts, numerical approaches, shortcuts, tricks and formulas required for NEET 2021 or any other medical entrance examination. This course also acclimatizes you to the pattern of examinations and questions asked in all medical entrance exams. The following flowchart will help you understand the working structure of the course better. This class generally starts from 1st jul